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I want to thank the board of directors for allowing me to serve as President and be a part of an organization that not only gives knowledge back but allows friendships to be created within the agency. I am following the footsteps of a great leaders Mr. Mapp. This organization was formed back in the 2003 and the individuals who formed it were motivated and persistent in pursuing a goal of success for our community.

Over the past 16 years we developing classes and programs that reflect our community and become beneficial to our youth and seniors and families. The Scholarship program is another benefit of organization that the board is passionate about. We continue be sustainable through funds raising from corporate sponsorships, donations, grants and our volunteers. Today we say thank you for your confidence, your deduction and commitment.

All of this takes the hard work and dedication of our community. Each one of us has different skills, talents, and resources that are desperately needed to make FFACS what it is. The message: we all want the very best education and experience for our children, and that is why we must all individually do whatever we can to make it happen.

To our funders and supporters, I want to assure you that the intention of this board is to grow the FFACS without limits. We will stay focused on remaining as a benefit to our community and also stay current with Industry standards and requirements. Look forward to a productive successful year and invite each of you to participate, and most important become or stay involved.

Thank you.

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